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Animals which are astonishingly and painstakingly big

We all have an idea and basic knowledge that here are all sorts of big and small animals. While no one would be surprised to see a cow the size of a large dog but what would you say if you see a beetle the size of a human hand or jellyfish equal in size to a full grown human or even the more startling a rabbit almost bigger than a dog?

Mother Nature always has something prepared in her bag of surprises for us. Today we bring to you a list of massive sized animals. These animals are actually so big to their relative species that it painstakingly hard to believe them.

Scroll down to look for yourself at the list of Animals which are astonishingly and painstakingly big.

Giant Sonoran Desert toad caught eating neighborhood pets

Giant Sonoran Desert

Flemish rabbit, it’s just as big as an average dog. The largest one on record reached 4 feet 3 inches.

Flemish rabbit

Rhinoceros beetle is amazingly huge


Giant starfishes found in Antarctica

Giant starfishes

Some Cow breeds are much taller than humans

Cow breeds

Nomura’s Jellyfish can be as big as a human


Coconut crab is the largest land-living crab in the world

Coconut crab

Freddy, the world’s tallest dog with a world record to his name

tallest dog

This species of beetles, found in South America, can grow up to 6.5 inches long


Brutus was an 18 ft long crocodile who is believed to be 80 years old. His first photo was taken back in 2011

long crocodile

Percheron horses are one of the tallest horse breed in the world

Percheron horses

Human-Sized Salamander living in rivers of Japan and China


Flying fox bat are massive in size as compared to any of the bat species

Flying fox bat

Say hello to the spine tingling Giant Weta; world largest cricket species

Giant Weta

Japanese spider crab; with largest leg span in the world

Japanese spider crab

Giant freshwater stingrays


This eagle is stunning


Attacus Atlas moth; largest moth species in the world

Atlas moth

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