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Laryssa Giles apartment rules did not allowed her to have a dog so neighbors built a window for her

When Laryssa Giles moved to a big city in an apartment, the only downside she suffered was that she was not allowed to have a dog at her new place. The thing was that it was against the landlord’s rules. Although Giles had a cat at this new home, she had longed for a cute pup.

Luckily for her, her prayers soon come to fruition when her neighbors next door brought a new dog named Jake.  Jake is a mix breed of Great Pyrenees and Bernese mountain dogs. Every time she needed to see the dog was to leave her house and Jake would always be waiting outside for her.


Giles told media, “The fence, when I moved here, was very short so when Jake was a pup, I would be able to pet him by reaching over the fence. Jake would help me by standing on his feet and I would reach his nose.  After Jake got taller, I was able to pet his head too.”

Soon the fence was redone by the owners of Jake and it got a little bit taller. Still, the neighbors, who had been watching this friendship, thought of an amazing solution for both Jake and Giles. They added in a little window in the fence.

Giles said, “They first called my landlord to ask them if it was OK with them. The landlord replied in yes.


Now whenever Giles leaves her house, Jake would come up and put his paws out of the window for Giles to come over and pet him.

With the window now placed in the fence, petting Jake is now one of Giles’ daily routines.

As for Jake who spends most of his time greeting other neighbors or sitting in his dog house, Giles would always come to pet him no matter the weather outside.

Since then, Giles has married and has now moved to another town. However, she still comes over from time to time to see Jake.


Giles lately wrote on Reddit, “the new tenants also love Jake and they also pet him a lot. He is being loved much by them as well.”

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