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Finnie; the Dog ‘Helps’ Mom By Stealing Neighbor’s Walking Cast

A woman named Kelly net saw the news about her neighbor and friend Susan Kelly’s post on Facebook about being in need of a walking boot for medical reasons, she remembered that she had one and was not using it. Net mornings he took out the boot and placed it on the front porch for Susan to pick it up later and then went off to work.

Kelly arrived back home at around 4 pm and to her surprise, the boot was gone. She naturally assumed that the boot was picked up by Susan as she already told her about it. Then sometime later, Susan came home asking for the boot.

Both women were obviously confused and decided to have a look at the door cam footage to see who might have stolen it.

Finnie; the Dog 'Helps' Mom By Stealing Neighbor's Walking Cast

Kelly told media, “I first saw some kitties in my porch and then a UPS delivery guys and then came the Thief. Watching the thief, me and Susan laughed so badly.”

The footage revealed the boot to be stolen by Finnie, Dent’s newest neighbor.

In this video Finnie walked up to the porch.

Finnie; the Dog 'Helps' Mom By Stealing Neighbor's Walking Cast

Checked out for people and things for some time.

Finnie; the Dog 'Helps' Mom By Stealing Neighbor's Walking Cast

Then slowly like a master thief, she snuck away with the boot.

Finnie; the Dog 'Helps' Mom By Stealing Neighbor's Walking Cast

Dent and Susan knew that Finnie was the new dog of their neighbors. They went over to find the culprit and caught her with her dad. They told him and he also laughed saying that I am not surprised. He explained as to how his wife also needs one to wear. H opened the door and Finnie came out wagging her tail. When Kelly took the boot she was confused for a while. So she gave her some belly rubs.

The thing was Finnie was not stealing the boot for herself but was actually trying to help her sick mother.

Finnie; the Dog 'Helps' Mom By Stealing Neighbor's Walking Cast

Since then Finnie has become good fined with Kelly Dent and Kelly also gives Finnie tasty treats every morning. And Finnie still visits Kelly’s porch to see if there is something she can take away.

Watch the full video of Finnie’s little thieving action down below.

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