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Watch A Lamb Dancing With Vet’s Staff; It Will be The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Majority of animals try to hide when they are the vet’s but one particular lamb was not scared at all. In fact, this lamb was jumping out of joy.

The name of this lamb is Ursula who does not visit the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center located in Texas much. She actually happens to be the foster pet of an employee of the vet’s clinic. The Ursula has taken the clinic staff as the family and she loves them so much that whenever they are around, she starts to break a dance out with them.

One staff at the clinic was fortunate enough to catch Ursula and her special dance routine on camera and was kind enough to share it with the whole world. Now the whole world seems to be living the nice dance moves of Ursula.

The animal services manager named Chris Kempler told media, “Just like other little lambs, Ursula when gets excited, loves to jump around. On this particular day of the video, one of our staff members was walking down the hall after work with Ursula by her side. Suddenly Ursula started to jump around and looked at the staff member until she also started dancing with Ursula.”

The result of this sudden dance performance was great as both Ursula and the technician seemed delightful as they really gave some impressive dance moves. The video was recorded in slow motion which allows the viewers to actually clearly see every little twist and hop made by Ursula.

It seems as if nothing could get Ursula’s mood down.

Kemper further said, “The video until now has been viewed by more than 10 million times. At the moment we are trying to come up with a way of turning the popularity of video into adoption for other animals of the shelter. We are loving all the attention that this video has brought to our shelter.”

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