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Animals who look freakily like famous celebrities

If you haven’t met your doppelganger yet, maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong places. Some lucky celebrities, for example, have found their doubles…in the animal kingdom.

The similarities are striking! Of course, their adorable look-alikes might be a tiny bit too furry to step in their shoes when needed. But hey, who knows? Times are ruff.

Dog Looks like Snoop Dogg

Dog Looks like angry Samuel L. Jackson

Dog Looks like Richard Branson

Alpaca Looks like Taylor Lautner

This Dog Looks Like Ron Perlman

Larry King Monkey

Brendan Fraser

Jean Claude Van Damme

Tilda Swinton

Happy Llama Looks like Happy Dalai Lama

The Lesula Monkey Looks like Adrian Brody

Cat Looks like Jamie from Mythbusters

This Cat Looks like Charlie Chaplin

A Dog Looks like Julia Roberts

How About This Cat That Looks Like Adam Driver?

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Animals That Look Like Famous Fictional Characters

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