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Guys were fishing but then they saw a monkey in need of rescue and helped him

A man named Renato Borella one day decided to go fishing on the Telse River located in Brazil.  What he was not expecting was that this would be their most memorable catch but still, it won’t be any fish.

Moments after Renato Borella set out on the river on the boat with a guide he spotted something different in the water. In the struggling currents of water was drowning a howler monkey. They decided to move in closer to the monkey and that’s when they figured that the monkey was in trouble. The monkey had seemingly been drifted away by the waves far into the river as it was trying to cross the river.

Renato Borella said, “The monkey seemed really tired as the river in that particular area was very wide and it was flowing fast too. It was then my guide and I decided to rescue the monkey.”

drowning monkey

Below is the video of the moment when Renato Borella decided to rescue the monkey.

Borella threw a life preserver towards the monkey and the monkey was observant to his rescuers. He grabbed on to the life preserver and then he quickly got on to the boat. Borella and his guide were scared a little bit that the monkey would get panicked after his little ordeal and would instead attack them. But what they sensed from the monkey was actually some gratitude.

Rescue Monkey

Borella said, “It seemed as if he was trying to thank us for helping him.”

After that, they took the boat to the shore of the river where the monkey was seemingly trying to go before he drifted away into the river. So they were able to safely transport the monkey to the shore.

Safe Monkey

While the monkey had a good reason to be grateful but also feels thankful as he says, “I am very happy that we were able to be there at the right time to help save a life of a little animal.”

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