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Amazing video shows a city worker saves a drowning cat and bringing it back to life

A small life was saved but it wouldn’t have been saved if it was not for a person who dropped his work to save it.

Last week the city of Istanbul, Turkey suffered from heavy rains and in the torrential rainwater, a seemingly dead kitten was being swept away until it was seen by a city worker by the name Metin Keskin saw her and caught her just in time.

Keskin said to local media, “the kitten was unconscious. She was not making any kind of sound.”

Right there on the street, Keskin decided to perform the CPR maneuver on the kitten. Keskin started with breathing few gentle breaths into the mouth of the cat and all the while massaged her tiny body to help get the water out of her lungs.

Someone was quick on capturing the heroic rescue of Keskin.

Everyone gathered on the street were tensed but after a few moments of intense tension, they all sighed a breath of relief when the kitten made a faint but discernible meow.

Keskin then immediately picked up the kitten and rushed to the nearest hospital where she was given the care to help recover.


Keskin dropping off the kitten at the vet was not the last time he was going to see the poor kitten.

He, after dropping the kitten at the vet’s clink, said at a press conference, “She has now become our kitten. I am really happy to have saved an innocent life.”

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