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A stray dog helps a tied up dog get free from his leash

Recently a man named Dmitriy Timchenko saw an act of canine kindness at its best.

Timchenko along with his friend was visiting a store in the town called Novorossiysk located in Russia when they noticed that a pit bull dog was tied outside of the store on a leash. The pup’s owner had left him there barely a few movements ago and to do some shopping. However, what he did not know was that this fact was actually not known by one furry passerby.

This passerby was actually another dog; a stray who when saw the poor tied up pup was concerned as he might have thought that the dog had been left abandoned.

stray dog

Timchenko said, “I have seen this stray dog passing by the town quite a few times. This dog always sues the crosswalks to cross the road. He is a really smart dog.”

But this dog also turned out to be a kind one too.

Dog Helps his Friend

Timchenko was looking at the stray dog and the tied up one. The stray dog got near the tied up pup and started loosening its leash and it was not long that he pup was completely free from his bounds. The pup then obediently decided to follow the stray that had the dog’s leash in his mouth to some other adventure.

Below is the moment of that whole bizarre yet adorable incident.

Seeing that the pup was ready to wander off with the stray, Timchenko then intervened and took care of the previously tied up pit bull whose owner had left him there for just safekeeping.

Timchenko said, “We went inside the store and called out the owner of the pit bull. She came out and took her dog from us.”

While all of it was a big misunderstanding for the stray dog, his heart was in the right place.

Dog heart in the right place.

Timchenko says that while he does not know as to where exactly this stray dog lives, he seems to be in fine and good health.

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