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This Shelter Pup Is Born With The Most Adorable Handlebar Mustache

Back in July, a stray dog of the shepherd mix breed came to the Dallas Animal Shelter Service located in Dallas, Texas along with her 211 puppies. Upon gazing at this big family, the shelter workers immediately were aware that there was something special about them.

All of the dogs in this big litter were born with facile hairs and some of them even had pronounced beards. However, what really gave a shock of excitement to the workers was a little unique puppy that had something really special. He was born with a handlebar mustache.

Rescue Puppy

Shelter staff took care of this litter for nearly 2 weeks but they had over 100 more homeless animals arriving at the shelter each passing day. They soon knew that the situation was not going to be a great one.

A worker of the Hearts & Bones Rescue named Allison Seelig said, “Puppies are at an increased risk of developing conditions in the environment of a shelter. So we decided to get them out of there. We met them last week and shortly after we found a perfect foster home for them right in the Dallas city willing to take the whole family together.”

Mother Dog

When rescuers saw the pup named Salvador Dolly who also goes by her nickname Mustache Puppy, they simply could not believe what they were seeing.

Seelig said, “when people look at her, they are like ‘Is that for real?’ then some say ‘OMG, Stop it’. Honestly, the whole group of siblings is a cute one and whenever we see them, we are like oohing and ahhing.”

Puppy Lover

Salvador Dolly might be only 5 months old but she has a full-grown hipster mustache and is not a bit ashamed of her upper lips.

Seelig said, “These puppies are still not walking that much and are only spending their days by either wrestling with each other or crawling over one another. Other times, they just cuddle up in a pile and take a nap and after walking up just eat. Quite a life they have.”

Beautiful Puppy

After these puppies get weaned, they will then be sent to New York City, sometime perhaps in August where they will be sent to new foster families and from there perhaps to their forever homes.”

Cute Puppy

We know for sure that with special looks like Dolly, she will not have trouble finding one.

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