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Members of the rock band Sister Hazel hear strange sounds coming from their tour bus and then make a disturbing discovery

The band members for a rock band named Sister Hazel were traveling to Ocala, Florida from Nashville, Tennessee last week when they suddenly started to hear strange noises that were originating from somewhere in the bus. They first thought that the compressed air was acting up and continued their journey.

However, after the band was preparing for their show in Ocala, one crew member said that he was worried about the sounds that started to come again. The band manager again said that it might be compressed air but to be on the safe side, he closed everything and went out to check. Once outside, he could also hear the noises but more clearly this time.



This was when everyone could hear these noises to be actually little meows of cats and that was coming from somewhere inside the bus.

The lead singer of the band, Ken Block said, “we traced own the sound to be coming from the front side of the battery compartment. We opened it up and in there we found 6 kittens.”



They took out the 3 kittens very easily but the other 3 were wedged inside really far and took a long time before they were out too.

They then called the owner of the bus who then told them that these kittens might have been of the cat who lived on the bus lot. She had recently given birth to them there and when no one was looking she might have had moved them in the bus. The cat had been seen on the lot with her kittens. The cat was unfortunately hit by a car and was killed. The poor kittens were on their won.

shelter kittens


Everyone was heartbroken at their ordeal and the band members made sure to give them care and love they deserved.

Rescue Kitten


Luckily for the kittens some person working at the venue of the band also worked for the Melissa Bell’s Rescue who took in all these 6 kittens.

Beautiful Kitten


The kittens are now in safe hands where they are cared for and are getting stronger each day.

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