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Woman did not know that a giant snake was around her porch, fortunately it was removed safely

This weekend a woman from Australia was all ready to spend time nice time on her porch on a very peaceful day. The woman was feeling relaxed and was ready to take in the view and sped her morning relaxing on her patio. She sat on the patio furniture but after a few moments, she realized that she was not alone as she had thought of herself.

Next to her was lounging a 6 feet long snake that was also seemingly enjoying the sun.

Farm House

The woman could not notice the snake because it had blended with the background perfectly but still the python had been lying right next to her the whole time she was sitting there. The woman was clearly not willing to spend her morning with a huge python ad that’s why she called the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 and they sent over Stuart McKenzie to get rid of the snake.

McKenzie said, “As soon as I head I arrived on the scene.”

Snake Found

The snake rescue proved to be an easy one as python did little to resist the capturing. McKenzie just reached over and picked him up.

McKenzie said, “It was an easy rescue.”

6 Feet Snake

The snake was 6 feet in length but for most carpet python it’s an average size. As McKenzie was trying to slip the snake into his bag the snake tried to slither itself onto the body of McKenzie in hopes to soak up some more sunlight.

Man Carry a Snake

After McKenzie placed the snake inside the bag, he then took the snake to somewhere suitable for it.

Man Carried Snake

And when he opened the bag again, the snake once more slithered itself onto McKenzie as If using him as a big tree.

McKenzie was patient with the snake as he allowed the snake to sue his body as a tool and then slither to an actual tree.

Snake in Forest

Watch the full video of the snake rescue down below.

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