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Dog is in disbelief for his owners brought a new dog without asking him

Kevin is the name of a family dog who likes to get all the attention from his family. This has been the case for the past 4 years until now when everything changed one fine day out of the blue.

Kevin gets love from a woman named Carleigh Johnson Stroupher husband since the first adopted him. Stroup says, “Kevin is so sweet and loving and we cannot simply live without him.”

However, this all changed little bit a few weeks ago when Stroup along with her husband decided to adopt another dog, a little pup named Lyle. But as it happens to be, these owners actually forgot to consult with Kevin beforehand.

With Lyle around the house, the whole vibe of the house changed but Kevin was not at all Ok with this.  Below is the reaction video of Kevin seeing Lyle prancing around the house and him.

Stroup says, “This reaction of his is his signature sign of saying to us ‘What have you done?’”

As for Lyle, he is quite opposite of his big brother Kevin and actually adores him a lot.

Stroup says, “Lyle only goes where Kevin goes and he seems to be obsessed with Kevin.”

As for Kevin’s naptime without a worry in the world, they are long gone. Lyle is like his conjoined twin.

Stroup said, “Even after Lyle has made every attempt to destroy peace and all the quiet in Kevin’s life, both of these dogs have became inseparable. When we are not home, Kevin appreciates that now he has a company of a little brother.”

It will be only time when little Lyle will grow up and will be on the same energy level as his elder brother. Until then he seems to be living the best dog life.

Talking about the love and affection that Kevin will get from his parents now, see the picture below.

It seems there is a lot of love to be given to both the pups.

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