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Lost Kitten Was Found Covered In Tar From Under A Dumpster

Earlier on Thursday this week, a man was walking down the streets of Athens, New York when all of a sudden he started hearing faint cries of animal and on a whim decided to give it a look. The sounds were emanating from under a dumpster there and he kneeled down to peek under it. There he discovered that the source of the sound was a 3-week old tiny kitten that was completely covered in tar and appeared to be stuck in it as well. He was barely fighting for his life.

The man knew that she could not leave it there and crawled deep under the dumpster and after one hour of hard work was finally able to pick out the poor kitten. He later named this kitten as Lucky. Lucky was covered in tar so much that she could not move a single muscle on her body except making little noises. After freeing Lucky, the man took her to the AnimalKind rescue group. Once there, the staff was shocked but acted immediately to save the poor kitten’s life.

The founder of AnimalKind named Katrin Hecker said, “We first gave Lucky some fluids due to her condition as well as the heat that day. After that, we started washing her with warm water and soap but still, her limbs were stuck together. Then it took 4 people to clean her with mineral oil and washed her again. It took about 3 hours.”

With a lot of patience and hard work, Lucky’s rescuers were able to completely remove all the tar from her body. Everyone was worried that the poor kitten would not make it through due to her condition but as the days went by, Lucky proved everyone wrong with her will to live.

Her rescuers believe that Lucky was probably left behind by her mother after getting stuck on its own in tar under that dumpster.

As for now, Lucky is recovering back to health at a foster home where a foster cat mom is taking care of her. She also has a dog sibling there as well who keeps a close eye on her and makes sure that Lucky is safe and sound there.

Lucky will soon be placed for adoption after she makes full recovery but as of now, she is enjoying her foster life.

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