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These animal reunions will strike a chord in your hearts

According to an American study, nearly 14 percent of the pet dogs and nearly 15 percent o the pet cats get lost every year. Luckily for these cats and dogs, nearly 80 percent of them are found sooner or later. A reunion with your beloved pet is a highly emotional and heart touching moment and anyone who happens to see it can also not hold down their tears.

Today we have gathered a few photos of people and animals who after losing each other found each other. So scroll down to look at these animal reunions will strike a chord in your hearts.

A dog which was stolen was found 900 miles away from home and finally reunited back with his owner. 

dog dog with owner


Dara Park could not find his pit bull dog and suspected that the dog was stolen as only his collar was left behind. 3 months after the dog went missing, Dara finally found his dog after a call came from a shelter 900 miles away from his home. After a 16 hours long drive he finally reunited it his dog.

Sassy: the lost dog got reunited with her family after 5 months



Sassy went missing and her family was devastated as they could not find her anywhere. After 5 months and a distance of 200 miles, the dog was finally found by a police officer, all thanks to Sassy’s microchip. She was finally brought back home and reunited with her owners.

Pilot: the cat went missing 10 years ago was found after California fire

Pilot cat


A pet cat named Pilot went missing for 10 years. The cat, one day, suddenly went missing but her owners never lost hope about her. The cat was finally found after ten years of being missing after the Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa. The cat’s microchip was scanned and the cat was reunited with her owners.

Mia: the missing dog returns home after 7 years

missing dog pet dog


Mia, the dog was supposedly stolen from her owner and remained missing for more than 7 years. When her second owners got her to a vet clinic and her microchip was scanned, the previous owner received the phone call. Mia and her owner were reunited by the efforts of “Lost in the West” organization.

Laverne; the Cat was found alive 16 days later after a tornado demolished her owner’s house



Laverne was one of the many cats of her owner Terria. A tornado demolished Terria’s house. One of her cats got killed while Lavern was missing. To her surprise and excitement, she found Laverne alive after 16 days of searching through the rubble.

Lemon: the dog reunites with his owner after living 2 years apart



The owner of Lemon, the dog had to relocate due to family issues. Before moving, the owners found a loving home for him. After 2 years, the previous owner one day decided to come back and visit Lemon. To his surprise, lemon instantly recognized him and even gave him a big warm hug.

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