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Rescue Dog Only Clams Down After Getting A Toy Of Her Own

A woman named Nicole Marie Wasieleski worked at the Animal rescue league of Iowa as a volunteer but she had no plans of adopting a dog from there. However, one day when she spotted an old pup sitting alone in her kennel, she could not just bear the sight of her from her mind.

Nicole Marie Wasieleski said, “When is looked at her, to me she appeared to be like an old lone wolf and I wanted to meet her. She was very quiet as well as gentle.”

The name of this dog is Kairi who is ten years old and had been through a lot over the years. One day she ended up homeless after losing her family and despite being adopted by Wasieleski, she was not adjusting with all the changes in her life. Wasieleski decided to treat the dog with something that could be her own. She wanted to give the dog something that would make her feel secure and safe.

To get this something, Wasieleski took Kairi to a local pet store and let the dog choose a toy of her own. Once there and browsing through toys, Kairi instantly figure out what she wanted.

Wasieleski said, “She picked out a funny looking dinosaur on her own. We laughed at her and tried to give her normal toys but she would ignore all of them and carried this dinosaur toy herself to the counter.”

This toy which Wasieleski has named as Dino costs about 17 dollars and is a piece of blue and pink stuffed fabric, to Kairi it is her most prized possession which she would not let go of her sight.

Kairi used to suffer from separation anxiety and would call for attention by chewing up carpets. Wasieleski says, “We were so worried about her that she would hurt herself from kennel cage but now that Dino is with her, she always gets silent instantly”.

Kairi is now adapting to changes and once in a while, she would place her paw on Wasieleski’s arm to show her gratitude.

Wasieleski says, “she is full of energy and we cannot believe it for a dog of her age. she can wrestle with our 2 years old dogs.”

Wasieleski and her family have a backup plan for the day when or if Kairi loses Dino. Her dad already went to the pet store and bought another similar Dino toy for her.

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