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Dog Rescued From A Kill Shelter Gives Birth On Her Freedom Ride

Rebecca Lynch was with her husband on a vacation trip in Savannah, Georgia when she decided to make one unplanned stop before leaving back home. While many people stocking up on souvenirs, Lynch decided to bring back with her something with a little more emotional meaning.

Lynch said to media, “I was aware that Georgia is littered with many kill shelters and I wanted to at least save one neediest of all the dogs at such shelter and take it back home. We had space in our car and I wanted to help.”

Lynch learned about a terrier named Lizzy which was close to being euthanized after someone dumped her being pregnant at a kill shelter.


Lynch knew in her heart that she could not let the poor dog with a broken leg suffer any more than she already had.

To make the ride back to Florida comfortable for the dog, they placed a bed and a blanket in their car’s backseat. Lynch also sat beside Lizzy and petted her softly with her husband driving.


It seems that the couple might have made it too comfortable and safe for Lizzy.

Lynch said, “After an hour, Lizzy finally relaxed quite a bit and place her head in my hand as I was petting her. Once it was apparent to her that she is safe and OK, she decided it was her time to give birth. She started to pant heavily and got restless. I said to my husband, I think she is in labor.”

After 20 minutes, Lizzy gave broth to her first puppy as Lynch played the role of midwife to keep the new mother clam and her babies safe.

By the time, the car reached the nearest vet’s clinic, Lizzy had given birth to three puppies.

Lizzy later gave birth to 2 more at the vet and 2 more on the car ride back home.


Back in Florida, Lizzy and her 6 pups were sent to a vet’s clinic where they will spend a few weeks before coming to Lynch’s house. There they will be fostered for a few weeks before being placed for adoption to find them a forever home.


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