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Community rises to help the homeless man and his dog reunite after seeing their heartbreaking goodbye

A homeless man named MR Williams and his companion for 14 years, which was his dog, were helped to have a second chance at life with each other all thanks to the help of the community.

On Friday this week, Mr. William brought his dog named Lucky to the Gwinnett County Animal Welfare located in Lawrenceville Georgia under the fear that this would be their last time seeing each other. William had been evicted from his home that morning and had nothing but 40 dollars and some belongings in his car.

An employee of the shelter named Katie Corbett t said, “He had no items for Lucky as he was his shotgun rider and it thought of it to be the first sign that this is not going to be an easy surrender.”

Williams had no place to sleep that night and he wanted to give up his dog in hope that he would be able to find more suitable living arrangements.

This surrender was an emotional one for everyone at the shelter. Corbett t said, “as Mr. Williams completed is paperwork on Luck’s surrender, we all had tears in our eyes.”

Before leaving the building and his dog forever, Mr. Williams looked at Lucky and said these heart-wrenching words to him, “We were both young when we met each other and now we are both old men. Be a good boy Lucky, I will come back for you.”

Lucky cried as soon as his friend left the building. Corbett knew that this would not be an easy life for Lucky form hereon but the fate was kind to both of them.

The Deputy Director for the Community Services Department was there on that day and heard all about Lucky and Mr. Williams from Corbett. Corbett said, “as soon as she heard the story, he was on phone with Senior Services Department to look for resources on how they could offer their help.”

Williams was in a hotel room that night all thanks to the help from the Senior Services Department as well as donations from some anonymous people.

After Williams had a place to stay, the next thing was to find a way to help Lucky find a temporary home and there Corbett did her part in the story and shared the story on Facebook which of course went instantly viral.

The very next morning a man came to the shelter and showed them a picture of Lucky and asked them that he does not want to be in the shelter another moment and wants to leave with Lucky.

As soon as Lucky saw his new foster dad, the anxious dog could be seen getting calm. It just seemed like the perfect fit.

Since then Corbett’s Facebook post has gotten more and more views and people are offering their help to support the little family to be back on the right track.

Lucky, at the time is content living on the couch of his foster family and with his foster siblings and waits for the day when he gets reunited with his father.

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