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Dog passes out from overwhelming joy

There is a saying that “dog is man’s best friend” and this saying is very true. There are literally thousands of examples throughout the history when dogs have proven themselves to be worthy of their title of being “man’s best friend”.

Have you ever raised a dog? If you have, then you might know that they get easily attach to a person. Even the faintest of the smell of their owner can put them into over geared joy mode. As soon as they see you, they start running towards you, wagging their tail left and right in high momentum and jump on you to give you those slobbery kisses that you adore so much (despite knowing where he has been licking all day; its genitals, wink, wink).

best friend

Today we bring you a video of such doggy love for its owner. In the video, a dog has suddenly met with his owner with whom he grew up along scene it was a puppy. The owner had been away for a month or couple of months. As soon as the dog saw owner stepping out of a car it could not believe that his long-lost owner whom he thought will never comeback has suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The joy of the dog is audible from its barking sound which seems a mix of both sadness and happiness at the same time (like us humans when we start crying with immense happiness). He goes toward the owner time and time again before then rolling on the ground and almost passing out of sheer joy. The owner and her family is so overwhelmed by their dog’s love that they all take turns to hug and kiss him. Finally, the dog still making crying sounds; hugs and kisses his owner passionately. This video is going to make you smile with tears in your eyes much like the dog in this video.

Watch the video down below.

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