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Dog Finally Catches His Own Tail And Refuses To Let Go

A dedicated pup named Max finally was able to achieve the lifelong dream and his mom was lucky enough to capture that proud moment of Max’s life on video.


Max and his humom named Abbie were at home located in Jackson, Mississippi because of bad weather.

Abbie’s friend named Harrison Parker told media, “The other day when the tornadoes started to blow in some parts of Mississippi, it blew out the power in Jackson as well. Abbie was stuck at her home without any power for 1 whole day. In her time of being alone, she only had Max with her to provide her with infinite entertainment as she was waiting for the power to come back on.”


As for Max, he was busy in a canine form of entertainment which is chasing his own tail. As for Abbie, she was involved in a human form of entertainment which is recording Max’s effort to chase his tail on camera.

And that was when that incredible moment happened. Max was finally able to catch his tail.


Below is the video in which max caught his won tail but he looks a little perplexed after coming across this sudden success.

Then as if in his mind a thought came that he needs to hold on to this moment to take the most fun out of it.

The footage ahead shows Max who walks out of the room with the tail still in his mouth.

Parker said, “I absolutely lost it when I saw the video. I thought that this was amongst the best funniest videos of all times and the best I had seen so far.”


Parker said, “I have known Max since he was first adopted by Abbie. He is the funniest and the goofiest of the dogs I have ever seen. I also get to see lots of his funny videos and pictures from Abbie.”


The video after being posted on social media went viral and brought joy and laughter to millions across the world.

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