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Heartwarming photos of animals waiting for babies to come into the world

Pets are just like kids, and when couples decide to have a baby, they’re sometimes afraid that their cat or dog may feel left out or lonely.

We want to assure you that our pets are happy to take care of moms-to-be. Believe us, their love is boundless!

So scroll down to look at these heartwarming photos of animals waiting for babies to come into this world.

This cat finally accepted that its owner is pregnant


This is the most caring babysitter I ever saw


Humom is 8 months pregnant and the cat just realized that humom’s daughter wants out


Owner is 8 months pregnant now. This is the dog’s favorite hangout for the last 3 months


These cats must somehow know that Humom is pregnant. Every day they stick to her like a magnet


She comes and sleeps on her pregnant Humom like this every night

sleepy cat

Humom is 7 months pregnant and the cat doesn’t leave her

Humom cat

Mama cat loves to cuddle this pregnant belly


There’s no doubt in my mind that dog knows that Humom is pregnant


Humom practices swaddling on her confused pupper but he is weirdly okay with it

confused pupper

Pregnant owner needs to test her new merchandise


Another pregnant Humom has been practicing her swaddling technique

swaddling technique

Here’s a dolphin booping a pregnant lady

pregnant lady

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