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Brave Man Rescues A Cat By Climbing Along Side The Building

The danger is lurking all around us and anyone can be suffering from it at any given time. At those dangerous times, very few have the ability to face them head on by thinking out the solution. While many of the people can get themselves out of a dangerous situation, even lesser people have the ability to put their own lives in danger to stay calm and help others in distress. As for the people, who put their own lives in danger to save the life of animals are rarest of them all.

Such was the case for the cat who was a little extra curious and a sort of a daredevil as he nearly had a brush with death. Thankfully for this kitty, his owner was fearless and brave enough to rescue him by placing his own life in danger.

A man named Jeff Powell, last week, spotted a hair raising scene unfolding out of the window of his apartments in Toronto. In a building just across the way and up above 12 floors, he saw two men to be in a lot of distress. From that much far away, Powell could easily deduce that they were looking for a cat.

As it happens to be, the cat has somehow managed to find a way to the neighbor’s balcony and these fellows were now dead set to bring this cat back to safety.

The next thing which Powell saw in utter horror and disbelief is as follows.

Instead of waiting for the owner of the apartment to come back, one of the fearless men took a direct route to his stressed pet. The measure he had taken could prove fatal for him with one miscalculated step.

Considering the gravity of the situation, the man doing the task was exceptionally casual about it.

Luckily all of it ended well with both the owner and cat being safe from any sort of mishap.

While there are many questions about this situation, one thing is for sure, that man truly loves his cat.

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