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Woman Finishes Marathon Carrying Puppy She Rescued Along The Way

Khemjira Klongsanun is a woman who loves to run in Marathons and loves in Bangkok, Thailand.

Though she loves to compete in races, she knows that sometimes there are things more important than setting a record.


Khemjira Klongsanun was taking part in a competition not too long ago when she noticed something along the way. With 7 miles into her 26 miles long marathon run, she came to find a puppy stranded on a roadside with no one beside him.

Instead of continuing the marathon at first, Klongsanun decided to help the poor pup. She scooped up the helpless puppy into her loving arms.

For the next 19 long miles of the marathon, Klongsanun carried the rescued pup as she ran.

The pup was now in safe hands.


There was a chance where Klongsanun could hand over the pup to a willing spectator but she decided not to.

This is the footage of that every moment as Klongsanun was making her way down the marathon course.

Klongsanun was determined to take care of the pup and it surely remained in her arms until she finished the marathon.

Both the pup and Klongsanun crossed the finish line together.


However, this was not the end for the story of Klongsanun and this rescued pup.


After finishing the marathon, Klongsanun decided to take the puppy back home and be a part of her family. The pup had a well-needed rest on the way back to Klongsanun’s home.


The pup, since then has been named as Nong Chom and was introduced to other dogs of Klongsanun’s family.


He has now fit right in Klongsanun’s home.


This once stray pup is now surrounded by a loving family.


Klongsanun also wet back to the place where she found Nong Chom to help if there were any others of his siblings there or not.  It seemed Chom was all alone there.


Well lucky for Nong Chom, he now has a home.


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