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Man Saves A Drowning Bear By Leaping Into the Freezing River

Earlier in April, this year, a man named Elijah Barkley was heading to a fishing trip with some of his buddies located in West Virginia. However, what Elijah Barkley never imagined was that he would end up saving a one precious life

While he might not have thought about it, he did save a life.

While traveling to their camp site by the river, Barkley had to make a stop after he met with a bear handler and a forest ranger. They asked him if he had seen a bear that was lone and stranded in the area. They warned him to be on the lookout.

As it happens, this bear was an orphan cub that had lost his mother not too long ago. Based on the previous sightings of the bear cub, he was not doing that much good.

After meeting with the ranger and bear handler, Barkley moved on ahead but then he suddenly found the bear he talked moments ago.

Barkley told media, “He looked as if he was completely exhausted or something was wrong with him. When we moved up closer to him, he could not move an inch. He just kinda stayed motionless at the place.”

As the bear handler and the ranger were still nearby, Berkley motioned them that they have found the bear cub who was on the verge of collapsing any moment.

Joel Rosenthal, the bear handler had been trying to track down this bear cub for many days, so they could take him to their facility and treat him there.

And Barkley managed to find the cub just in time.

However, before he could be seated by the bear handler, the paws of cub gave pout due to exhaustion and he fell straight into the freezing river down below. He was so exhausted that he could not even lift his head out of the water and was starting to drown.

Seeing that, Barkley leaped into action.

Barkley went down the slippery rocks and jumped straight into the freezing river as he swam towards the bear cub.

He caught hold of the cub and swam with him back to the shore.

For a few moments, the cub remained motionless but then he slowly started to show signs of life.

The bear was then tranquilized and wrapped in towels to sleep in the truck.

Everyone thanked Barkley for his quick thinking and his immediate act of heroism.

As for the bear cub, things are starting to look well for him too.

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