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Ken-kun; A Smart Shiba Inu manages a Roast Potato stand in Japan

Today let us introduce you to a sweet and hardworking Shiba Inu dog by the name Ken-Kun. This dog has taken the Twitter by storm when he was spotted in Japan while managing a roast sweet potato stand. Although there are many dogs that have different jobs across the globe such as helping the blind, chasing after criminals or sniffing out drugs and explosives, but it is not that often that you might post a dog selling roasted potatoes.

This 3 years old Shiba Inu works in the Sapporo city which is on the island of Hokkaido. His job is really easy as the customers have to choose a roasted sweet potato they like from a white box placed in front of Ken-Kun and put a price of 100 Yen in the other box. Ken-Kun is like a greeter of this stall.

When a customer arrives, Ken-Kun pops out his cute little head to greet them and also make sure that the transaction completes successfully. The sale purchase is a trust-based system, so don’t worry if you don’t pay him, he won’t bark or chase after you.

The stall has a beautiful and artistic sign that states as follows, “Because I am a dog, I can’t give you change.”  With that being said, tips are still appreciated along with any other extra treats that people might like to give the cute dog.

In Japan, the sweet roasted potatoes are named as ‘Yaki imo” and are one of the popular winter delights. These stalls are all over the Japan.

These sweet potatoes can be found in other forms like sweet potato chips, pastries, candies, breads, caramel corn or even Kit Kats. For ice cream lovers, there is also even a Sweet Potato Ice Cream too.

For our readers, we decided to give you a sneak peek of this cute little dog as he does his work.

Watch the video down below.

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