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Man was found smuggling Finches in hair curlers at KFK Airport

As soon as a man named Francis Gurahoo arrived from Guyana at the KFK International Airport, the security agents at the custom were suspicious of him and his carry on luggage.

smuggling Finches in hair curlers

In order to examine his belongings for a more thorough check, they asked him to step aside from the queue and were shocked at the discovery that they made from his luggage.

 Finches in cage

It was now clear as to how but Gurahoo had been able to smuggle nearly 34 of the finches inside his carry-on luggage by stuffing each of them individually inside a hair curler.

34 of the finches inside his carry-on luggage

These poor finches have been stuck inside this minimal space and in the confined environment of a bag for almost 6 hours and also the time it took to make it to the airport. These birds very clearly very terrified and it was hard for anyone to believe that a human being can do such a cruel thing to such a delicate creature.

poor finches have been stuck

According to the statement of the US Attorney’s Office, Gurahoo had smuggled these finches in efforts to sell them from where they will be used in the signing competition held in Brooklyn and Queens.

finches  in Freedom

During these competitions, two of the Finches are brought near each other and then a judge determines whichever signs the best. People place bets on these finches and a wining Finch is highly sought out on in the market.

Group of poor finches have been stuck

Despite their being Finches in the US, people still believe that Finches from Guyana sing much better and because of this, Gurahoo was hoping to sell each of these Finch for 3000 dollars each in hopes to make around 100000 dollars.


As soon as the security discovered the birds, Gurahoo admitted to his crime.

security discovered the birds

Unfortunately, the smuggling of animals is not an uncommon occurrence as it tends to happen a lot. It was good luck of these birds that they were found before they were sold in for a life of competition.

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