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This cat can be tamed by money alone

They say that the money makes the world go round and round.  While many might say that money does not buy happiness, to them we say you are absolutely right. Money does not buy happiness, “It buys crazy ass happiness”.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this video below; even the animals have also realized the importance of the money and its influence in the world. In this following video the owner tries to play with his cute kitty. However the kitty is being a one big meanie who is clearly not in the mood to amuse its owner. It even bites down on his hands or scratches it few times.


As soon as the Big Bucks start rolling in, the cat’s attitude takes a 360 degree and he is in full on merry go happy playing mode.

Big Bucks

See for yourself this money loving kitty.

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Animals who actually forgot they were animals

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