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Mistakes Every Cat Owner Should Avoid

It might seem easy to have a cat as a pet but it can be a difficult task to take care of these feline cuties. Sometimes their taking care of can be so difficult that even the best and experienced cat owners can make grave mistakes. Whenever a cat owner does some crucial mistake in taking care of their cat, they make their cats go through serious discomfort and this can lead to negotiate changes in their behavior.

Today we have come upon some common mistakes that most cat owners make whilst taking care of their cats. We want our readers, who have cats for pets or planning to have one soon, to take a read of these mistakes every cat owner should avoid.

To not spay or neuter the cat

Mistakes Every Cat Owner Should Avoid

Spying or entering a pet cat is a very positive thing for a cat’s health and can even impact to make the overall health great. The spaying and neutering procedures can lower the risk of the creation of mammary tumors in female cats and the formation of testicular tumors in male cats.

Another positive aspect of neutering a cat falls on their behavior, as this makes them less prone to being aggressive or from running away from their homes.

Bathing the cat

Mistakes Every Cat Owner Should Avoid

Cats are not the only pets that get nervous when they are bathed, even dogs can sometimes become very nervous. The thing is that the cats do not at all need to be washed because they actually clean themselves on a regular basis. I case a pet cat gets dirty, then it is better to clean it with a wet piece of cloth by softly rubbing any dirt or strain marks rather than shoving them under the running tap of water or plunging them in the bathtub filled with water.

As for more extreme cases when the cats get dirty, it is better to wash only the parts that are dirty instead of splashing water on their whole body. Sometimes washing them with water can lead to negative changes in their behavior.

Feeding only dry foods to cats

Mistakes Every Cat Owner Should Avoid

One thing every cat owner or as a matter of fact any pet owner should remember is that Dry food is only a snack and is not something that can satiate the hunger of your pet. The food menu of your cat should be consistent with some wet food and it is recommended that this food must be given to the cat a few times each day. Still, this does not mean that you should not feed your cat the dry food at all; it is still a good thing to give your cat during the daytime as a snack.

Not taking the cat to a vet

Mistakes Every Cat Owner Should Avoid

Even if your cat is one that is house born and has never ventured in the outside world, it still needs to be vaccinated. Living in a close house or an apartment still cannot guarantee that your fluffy little friend cannot get sick. This is why vets recommend taking your cat to a full body checkup at least one in every 6 months’ time to rule out any possible disease onset. If the cat shows the early signs of infection in the checkup, then the vet can treat it efficiently early on and also save you a large sum of money that you might have to spend later on.

Leaving plants in places where a cat can easily reach them

Mistakes Every Cat Owner Should Avoid

This is common knowledge to many cat owners but still, some can be ignorant about it, many house plants are toxic to the pets and especially cats. As you might have known earlier, cats love to eat flowers. This is why it is better to be sure that your house does not have any flowering plants that can be dangerous for your cat’s digestive system and its overall health. Some of the common toxic flowering plants for cats are as follows.

  • Azaleas
  • Daffodils
  • Aloe
  • Begonias
  • Calla Lilies
  • Ficus

One other thing that most cat owners neglect is that they leave the pants in places where cats can easily reach them.  It is best to have the flower hanging pots instead of placing them near the windows where cats usually love to sit.

Punishing the cat on a bad behavior

Mistakes Every Cat Owner Should Avoid

Cats often show bad behavior but this bad behavior is for things they do not like or related to their health conditions. Such as when a cat does not like its scratch post or the scratch post has been positioned inappropriately, it starts scratching the furniture around the house. Cats also tend to scratch and bite the humans if they had not been taught how to play with their human owners or if they find a person dangerous.

If a cat is not using a litter box, it is not bad behavior but a sign that something is wrong with its health. If an owner punishes the cat, this will only scare the poor fellow.

Buying the cat for a little child

Mistakes Every Cat Owner Should Avoid

One thing every cat owner should remember is that they must never leave a cat alone with a little child. A kid might hurt the cat or the kid might cry and irritate the cat, both of these situations can cause the cat to become aggressive.

Ignoring the fact that cats need alone time too

Mistakes Every Cat Owner Should Avoid

Just like us humans, cats too have a feeling of privacy and they too want a place where they can go and have some alone time. A cat is in need of a shelter where it can go to sleep or hide, even in a house.

Feeding milk to the cat

Mistakes Every Cat Owner Should Avoid

Only kittens need to rely on drinking their mother’s milk but as the kittens reach the stage of adolescence in their life, their body starts producing fewer enzymes that can assimilate milk in their bodies.  As for adult cats, they might even develop lactose intolerance altogether.


Mistakes Every Cat Owner Should Avoid

Many cat owners perform the procedure of declawing but this procedure has been deemed as inhumane in many countries. During the process, the first knuckles of the cat are broken and then amputated.  This results in the cat to suffer immense pain whilst walking.

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