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Rescued Goofy Dog Fails The Agility Course In The Most Adorable Fashion

Last year, Kratu, the big and goofy rescued dog stole the hearts of millions of people across the globe with his performance on an event held especially for rescued dogs. However, the reason for his popularity was not his athleticism but instead was his goofy performance.


Rather than going on the course like a normal dog Kratu decided to perform the course in his own special way and this was much appreciated by the crowd.

Below is the footage of that moment.

After that goofy incident, Kratu then had plenty of time to study on as to where things went wrong the first time in order to hone his skills for the next year’s tournament.


Did he learn the lesson? Well, you need to see it for yourself.

Earlier in March, Kratu got another chance to perform his talents on the course alongside his loving mom Tessa Eagle Swan.

For the folks who were hoping that the dog would repeat his performance from last year, Kratu certainly did not disappoint them.

Kratu did the same thing again and a little extra goofier as he tried to be professional about it much to the delight of the crowd and his owner.

His owner told the media, “I love his style which he thinks is the right way to run the course. I have a different one but being happy and to have fun is the one thing that we both share during the course.”


While Kratu has a comfortable life filled with goofy habits, life for him was not always easy. He was adopted fiver ago by Swan from a UK based rescue center named Wood green. The rescue center rescued Kratu from an abusive situation where he was but just a puppy.


Kratu has also helped her mom during her difficult times in life and she takes great comfort to have such a caring, loving and goofy dog.

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