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A Pug’s Nap Near The Pool Goes Horribly Wrong (pug down I repeat pug down)

This Pug was supposedly thinking that his day time nap near the pool will go unnoticed but what he did not know was that not only he was being watched but his seers also saw his embarrassing moment as well.

The pup was so wrong.

The pup was so wrong

The name of this adorable one-eyed Pug is Ludo who lives with his owner named Stiles Scott. Apparently, the life of Ludo and Scott residence is carefree where he gets to spend his days lazying around the house or napping in the sun while laying near the family pool. However, things went a little awry for the dog last week when he was taking his routine little nap by the pool.

As for that unfortunate movement for the Pug and funny for his owners, was caught on a security camera.

Scott wrote on his social media page, “My dog took a real nice after nap stretch and fell in the pool.”

family pool

However, Ludo was fortunate enough to make a quick recovery from his fall.

Well to be fair, these sorts of incidents can happen to nearly anyone but Ludo seems to be a great swimmer. Still, such incidents are able to make a world a little bit happier place to live in.

The video since being uploaded over social media has been viewed for more than 3 million times and is growing. One moment of the slip up has made this pup into a social media sensation.

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