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Cat Gets Reunited With His Former Owner At The Nursing Home

A cat named Chicken Little was living a loving life with his dad named Tony but Tony suffered from a stroke that resulted in him being ended up in a hospital’s ICU. It was now clear that even if Tony recovered, he would still not be able to look after his cat the way he did before the stroke. It was then when a neighbor of Tony decided to look for a new home for Chicken Little to live in.

Beautiful cat

A woman named Amanda Hassan was on the waiting list for a local shelter’s foster care for the animal when a post of Chicken Little from Tony’s neighbor moved past her eyes on Facebook. They were looking for a foster family to take care of the cat. Hassan immediately contacted the people and took in Chicken Little and it was not long before Hassan fell in love with this cat. The situation was clearly a foster fail one and Hassan then adopted the cat officially.

Hassan said, “Tony use to call her his Little Angel but we call her Chicken Little as he talks a lot.”

Innocent  Cat

After being removed from the ICU, Tony was then transferred to a nursing home to receive the proper care along with living assistance. Despite Chicken Little being safe and cared for her at her new home, Hasan knew that both Tony and the cat would be missing each other a lot. This is when Hassan arranged for a meet up for the two by help from Tony’s neighbor.

The nursing home did not allow pets but for this special visitation, they turned a blind eye.

Hassan said, “The staff at the nursing home pretended as if they saw nothing.”

Cat in Cage

Chicken Little was shy at first and wary of his new surroundings but as soon as he saw her dad, he was overjoyed. He even ran to him to get some leg rubs and snuggles.

Hassan said, “Tony seemed to brighten up seeing his beloved cat.”

Tony seemed to brighten up seeing his beloved cat

Tony was simply overjoyed to be reunited with his Little Angel.

Tony was simply overjoyed to be reunited with his Little Angel

Tony and his cat shared a plentiful time in each other’s care and when it was finally time for goodbyes, they were both in good spirits.

Hassan said, “We hope that we can arrange for their meeting once every few weeks. We are hoping that it will help Tony recover his health.”

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