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Bizarre shaped Recently Discovered Animal Species

Human beings have been on this earth living for about 200,000 years and today we believe that we have nearly seen everything that this world of ours holds. However this far from truth, in addition to dinosaur fossils to other species of animals newer and more bizarre discoveries emerge with each and every new day. Some of the bizarre shaped recently discovered animal species are as follows.

Hemiscyllium Halmahera:-

This species is nicknamed as the “Walking Shark”. The creature is 71 centimeters in length and it has fins that help it to move about on the ocean floor.

For walking about on surface o ocean these Walking Sharks, wriggle their bodes with help of their pectoral and pelvic fins. The shark has dark brown spots on its skin which allows it to camouflage itself with the bottom of oceans as well as the rocks on the ocean floor.

Hemiscyllium Halmahera

Myloplus Zorroi:-

This species of the flesh eating piranha was discovered back in 2007 in the waters of Amazon River’s tributary.

Unlike most piranha species, this species do not eat flesh instead it feeds on seeds, fruits and other types of vegetation. Their teeth have evolved to grind seeds. Their skin is reddish in color with belly and fins being yellow. They can grow up to 18 inches in length and are able to move with extreme speeds in raging river waters.

Myloplus Zorroi


This fish is extremely bizarre in appearance as it does not have any scales on its miniature sized body but its skin is so pitch black that it looks like an oil slick. The species was discovered in the coast of Australia near the ancient volcanoes. Scientists are surprised that despite its miniature size, it has disproportionate large jaws and teeth.

Fish is only as big as a human index finger and there is a possibility that its tail can cause a massive sting.


Keesingia Gigas and Malo Bella:-

These are the names of two recently discovered species of venomous jellyfish.

Keesingia Gigas was found near the northern coastal area of Australia. Their stinging cells are attached to their tentacles which they use to catch prey as well. This jellyfish is on average of 20 inches in height.

Mallo Bella another spices of jellyfish is usually 0.7 inches in height. This particular jellyfish is beautiful in appearance and was found first in the waters of the Australia’s Pilbara region at the Montebello Islands. The species belong to the Malo genus of jellyfishes and hence its relation to the particular genus indicates that it carries nasty toxic venom.

Keesingia Gigas and Malo Bella

Illacme Tobini:-

This is a rather new species of millipede found in the caves of the Sequoia National Park located in California. Its body has been dissected into following parts.

  • 414 legs
  • 200 poison glands
  • 100 body segments
  • Hairs secreting silk
  • Four penises

The millipede species have strange mouth parts with functions that are still a mystery to be solved.

Illacme Tobini


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