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People Have A Hard Time To Find The Bobcat In This Picture; Can You Do It???!!!!!

Who could have thought in their right mind that finding such a cute creature in the picture could be this hard?

Last Wednesday the NYSDEC (New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation) shared a seemingly ordinary picture from a trail cam on their Facebook page of a forest scene located in the southern part of the state. However, there is actually more in this picture that you can see at a first glance.

The department wrote in their post, “Sometimes you need to stop and then take a closer look.” This was an invitation to the people that there is something unusual in this couture but what was it?

The picture, in reality, is taken of a baby Bobcat that has managed to blend itself by near perfection in the forest floor filled with dried leaves. As or people, who tried to find this bobcat, they had it really hard.

So the big question to our readers; Can you find the Bobcat?

Here is the original picture from the New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation’s Facebook post.

Cat in Forest

So didn’t find it? Well, do not lose heart because you are not the only one.  Many have failed as you did.

One commenter wrote, “I absolutely have no idea where this bobcat is in this picture. I will simply take your word for it.”

Another one wrote, “Can anyone else find it? I seemed to be oblivious.”

Well, let us help all of you. Here is the little guy hiding in plain sight.

Rescue cat

What still having trouble?

Here you go, let’s zoom in a bit.  Now can you see it?

Well, how is it? Isn’t this an adorable bobcat? This is not the first time you have not seen an animal in nature because many to he have adapted themselves to camouflage in plain sight.

As for Bobcats’ New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation wrote, “though Bobcats are elusive and are also rarely seen by humans, they are actually in abundance in North America and their population reach as high as 1 million bobcats alone in the US.”

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