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Stray Dog found Cold, Shivering and in Pain has a happy ending

One moment of kindness changed the life of a stray dog that was whimpering on the side of a road in a bed he made in the pile of snow.

Natalie Thompson of the Stray Rescue of St. Louis told media, “He was all curled up in a tight ball lying in the snow.”

After the rescue organization got a concerned call, hey sent out a search team to find him.

After the rescuers spotted the dog, they filmed the moment on the video. The dog, who was wide-eyed and was near death due to exhaustion and cold, was whimpering as if asking for help.

The dog was named Weezer by his rescuers and they brought him all the help he needed.

The dog was not aware that he was going to find himself in a warm bed of his own for the very first time in his life.

Thomson said, “We took him straight to our trauma center.”

After he calmed down, a vet came to check him. An early exam reveals that Weezer went through a troubled past.

He had no tag or a microchip but he did have a big wound right under his arm.

It seemed that he was put on a rope or harness which was so tight that it left marks on his arm. At the time he was found, he was not wearing anything.

After his early test, the organization sought out for a foster home for him to be looked after. Luck was on Weezer’s side as a volunteer came forward soon.

Weezer is now living at a loving foster home where he is finding as to what it truly means to be a dog.

Thompson said, “Weezer loves to cuddle with his new foster mom and also loves t burrow under blankets on the couch with her mom. Now he is even going to work with her and making new friends.”

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