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These puppies from Romania went on an adventure but `stuck in tar

The three puppies in Romania were going on an adventure at the property of an oil company. They had absolutely no die that their little adventure is going to cost them big time. Within a few moments of making it inside the property they were literally stuck and it was inside the sticky thick tar.

The puppies had not enough power to free themselves and started crying for help and before it was not long, the employees of the company heard their cries and came running to help them.

Trapped Dog

It did not take long to free them but they were still covered in tar and their rescuers took it upon themselves to clean them. They reached it out for help to a local rescue shelter and the shelter named “Barking Mad Dog Rescue” came running to help.

Damage Dog

The workers of the shelter met these pups at the local shelter and them along with the pups’ first rescuers and the vet’s assistants started to clean them off from the tar. As for the pups, despite being in such a horrible state, they were completely calm towards their rescuer’s efforts to help them.

Dog Rescue

A volunteer of the Barking Mad Dog Rescue shelter named Jess said, “This took a lot of time and a lot of sessions. Two of the veterinary assistants worked with us until the evening. They sued petrol to remove the tar and also bathed the puppies really carefully.”

Treat Puppy

After many hours of hard and careful work, the puppies were finally freed from the tar.

Dog Safety

They were now once more eager to run and play around like the normal puppies they were.

Safe Puppy

Jess said, “These pups were also really hungry as they ate through many meals throughout the whole cleaning process. They are beautiful and a lively bunch and that’s how they should have been.”

Safe Puppy

The vet later checked them and gave them a clean bill of health. They are about 2 months old and now have been named by their rescuers as Jeremy, Jason, and Jasmine.

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