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Woman Was Shocked To See A Bobcat Chasing A squirrel On Her Roof

Last month a woman named Michelle Kloese was enjoying her Sunday morning when she suddenly came upon a strange noise that was originating from the backyard of her house located in Florida. She went out to see what was happening and what she saw shocked her to her care. A Bobcat was running all over the yard in a frenzied manner while chasing after a squirrel.

The squirrel then suddenly decided to climb up on the roof and to Michelle Kloese’s surprise, the bobcat also followed suit and climbed up on the roof.



Michelle Kloese told media, “my first reaction when is aw it was I hope that my screens do not get torn apart. Then my reaction changed to I hope he does not fall through the screen. I was excited to see this as I myself am a wildfire enthusiast.”



The bobcat was insistent on chasing the squirrel.



The bobcat while chasing the squirrel looked as if a big house cat who was chasing after a mouse and refused to give up.



Michelle Kloese knew that this was once in a lifetime encounter and took out her phone to catch this amazing video of a bobcat running over the roof after a squirrel. The squirrel eventually led the bobcat away from the roof and the house to a nearby tree.

 Michelle Kloese said to media, “they had been on my roof for a little over a minute. After I started recording the video, he left the roof after 30 seconds. I think the bobcat did not saw me as it was more focused on his prey than me.”



The bobcat eventually got tired of the chasing the squirrel all around and decided to give up and move on. As for Michelle Kloese, she will never forget this specific bobcat and the entertaining morning that it provided.

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