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Jake; the Border Collie Saved From Shelter Smiles On His Way To New Home

When the 5 years old Border collie breed dog named Jake was left at an animal shelter, he was not aware as to what was going to happen to him.

His previous owner who was an elderly person said that he cannot take care of him anymore and left him there. The day his owner dropped him off, Jake stopped smiling.



Cofounder of “Rescue Dogs Rock NYC”; Stacey Silverstein told media, “he has gone through a hard time and he is devastated by it. He had been thrown away into a shelter for a few weeks.”

Jake who used to roam in a big house was sent to live inside a kennel with cinder blocks. The shelter staff was also heartbroken to see such an active dog live so gloomily and they decided to call Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.



They responded and Jake was sent to a vet’s clinic to remain for three weeks for quarantine as well as full observation.

Silverstein told media, “He had to stay there for a few more weeks and had to live at the vet’s in a steel cage.”

Finally, he was relieved from the vet and was sent to New York for finding his new forever home. The rescuers of Jake were sure that he would be adopted almost immediately. However inverse of their expectations, no applications came.

Silverstein said, “He is so amazing looking and I was so baffled as to why no applications for his adoption came.”



As there was lack of space as well as the foster families, Jake again had to live in a cage at a vet’s clinic in New York.

Silverstein said, “When our trainer saw him, she was like ‘Oh my God, why is he in a cage he is so phenomenal. What are you doing Stacey? Get him out of the cage.”

Silverstein then started posting pictures of Jake’s adoption on Social media and soon all sorts of messages for adoption came pouring in.

Finally, when Jake was leaving the shelter in the car of his new forever family, he had a look of joy that was never seen before on his face.

Silverstein said, “I think, Jake finally knows that he is now safe and has a better life ahead of him.”



After a week of his adoption, Jake has adjusted well with his new family and also has a sweet doggy sibling with whom he likes to cuddle.



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