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A Little Lamb Was Spotted as it Bolted Down The Busy New York Expressway

Yesterday morning people were driving down on their cars at the Gowanus Expressway located in Brooklyn when they suddenly got so very confused as a black lamb was running all around on the road among the cars.

No one had a clue as to where this cute little lamb came from. A driver, who saw the police car of the NYPD with Officer Dominick Gatto in it, stopped him and told him about the running lamb.

Office Gatto called for the backup and his fellow officer on the other end stopped the traffic. All the drivers watched as to how the police officer finally caught the lamb.

A spokesperson of the NYPD named Christopher Roskosky said to media, “After stopping the traffic, they were able to catch the lamb and put it inside a cage.”



The lamb was a bit confused but still sweet to police officers who named her Petunia. She seemed happy to be saved from all those scary looking cars.  Petunia was then taken to the @NYCACC where she will live until she gets her license, wrote the NYPD on their twitter account.



After Petunia was taken to Staten Island’s Animal Care and Control, she was transferred from there to the Skylands Animal Sanctuary located in New Jersey where she was renamed as Palmer.

 Sanctuary wrote in an Instagram post, “this morning she was running all lost on the expressway and she is here in Skylands where she is going to forever remain safe with us.”



Palmer was then checked by a vet who gave her a clean bill of health. Her little adventure on the runway had not caused her any sort of injury. As for her life ahead, she is going to spend it with all of her friends peacefully at the sanctuary.

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