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Taigan Safari Park in Crimea Lets Visitors Inside the Lion Enclosure

Although walking inside a lion enclosure at a zoo is considered to be dangerous but one Park in Europe certainly disagrees with this notion.

The name of the park is Taigan Safari Park which is located in Crimea which is allowing its visitors to enter in the enclosures of lions.  They are also allowing the visitors to take photos with them in any pose they like or even pet these majestic big cats. For the visitors who are willing to pay some extra fee they are treated for a special feature dubbed as “Walk with the Lions”.

This choice of the zoo to let visitors inside the enclosures seem to be a risky action as a woman had been mauled by a lion last year. The woman was taking pictures with one of the big cats and was dragged down to the side of the enclosure by a big cat.

Although the woman’s life was saved, experts have urged the zoo to call off this dangerous practice for good.

Despite many facilities prohibit the physical contact with lions the owner of this park named Oleg Zubkov himself has shared any videos where he is not only petting these lions but also swimming with them. Oleg Zubkov’s one video where slapped a big cat with a shoe last year went viral.

In the past, the park has not only suffered problems like feeding the lions but also the fight among the lions of the park for the territorial claims.

A wildlife expert by the name Thomas Pietsch said, “Lions are wild animals by nature and that makes them unpredictable and really dangerous. No matter how tame they might seem, it is still impossible to completely subside their natural instincts.”

Although the park has suffered some serious heavy critique from wildlife experts from across the globe, people still need some serious deterrence to not participate in this risky endeavor of the park.

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