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People Find A Stray Tiny Puppy Inside A Dumpster

Most of us, when throwing garbage in the dumpster do not tend to look inside it. However, there is one good person who had the time to look inside a dumpster while throwing garbage and came upon on a shocking discovery. What he saw actually shook him to his very core.

Inside the dumpster was a tiny stray puppy that had been dumped by some cruel person inside the dumpster located in Kansas City. The puppy was tossed in between the garbage heaps and was looking really confused and scared at his surroundings. The puppy was clearly not belonged inside the dumpster and it was his good fortune that he had been found.

The person who found the dog lifted him out of the dumpster immediately and took him to the organization named Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption. The staff of the organization was not willing to believe that the poor pup had been found inside a dumpster.

On their Facebook page, the Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption wrote a follows, “This is not an excuse to treat a poor animal soul in such a manner as a human being. We are absolutely disgusted by the way that someone had actually treated the dog in such a manner. We are humans and we can certainly do much better than this.”

The puppy was named as Minimus by the rescue staff and they guessed the age of the puppy to be 2 months. Although the staff says that the dog was not in his best condition, he would certainly make full recovery given enough time and care.

As for the little fellow, even after going through such a horrible experience, he is in high spirits and is very happy with all the attention he is getting from the rescue staff. He loves to cuddle in his towel which is so much better than the cold he had to experience in the dumpster.

This was no excuse for any human being to simply dump a puppy into a dumpster. The staff of the rescue center would have been willing to have him if they had simply submitted it to them.

Fortunately for Minimus, he is better now and is recovering fast at his new loving foster home.

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