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Kirill Potapov; the man who created a rehab for Wolves, now they show him their ‘thanks’ in the sweetest way they can

Kirill Potapov lives in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and is famous for his immense love for animals. Recently he started a rehab center for wolves that need medical help. Kirill provides them with all the necessary things for a quick recovery, including his love. And they respond with the same feelings.

We admire people that do outstanding things and Kirill is one of them. That’s why we are going to show you what life in his rehab center is like and how thankful the wolves can be.

A Native American proverb from old times says, “To look into the eyes of a wolf is to see you soul.” And the man named Kirill has taken this proverb as a truth


He not only saw his own soul in many of the wolves eyes but he also realized his true calling and mission in life


The Wolves did not recognized Kirill as their friend


Eventually with his everyday work and love for hem, wolves started to trust him little by little

wolf with owner

Kirill likes to help these wolves in many ways like giving them exercises in the morning so they can gain the strength in their backs

big wolf

The wolves show Kirill their thanks by giving him back their love and faithfulness

cute wolf



Kirill also gives them treat and most favorite of theirs, Cake


You will be forced to saw at their cuddling pictures

cuddling pictures

pets love


Not only the wolves, Kirill also has friendly relationship with other animals as well




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