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Woman hands over a box full of 35 Guinea Pigs to a local shelter

The shelter title Davidson County Animal Shelter located in Lexington, Carolina was already flooded with abandoned animals when one day a woman walked up to the counter of the shelter and told the staff that she wanted to surrender her guinea pigs.  Shelter agreed to the request thinking that the box of the woman would have 2 or maximum of 3 guinea pigs inside but it actually held inside a shocking 35 guinea pigs.



The shelter had agreed to take them in but they were worried as they had no space to keep them. The woman never had the intention to have so many of them but once they were this many in the population, she had no other way than to seek help for them.

A vet’s assistant of the shelter named Christina Rodriguez said, “Their owner said that she originally only had two of them but over time they kept on breeding and got to this huge number in just few months. She was no longer capable of taking care of them. According to the owner majority of these 35 were only 3 months old.”



It is because of these situations that the pets need to be spayed and natured. Most of the pet kittens, dog, and guinea pigs and other such animals that arrive at shelter are abandoned as they were not planned and families are not willing to throw them away like they are nothing. Luckily for these guinea pigs, their owner also decided to do the right thing. As for the staff now they had to come up with a way to help these animals.



All of these guinea pigs were in bad condition; some had nails that were overgrown while others had suffered from hair loss. All in all, they were in good physical health but were still scared to be in a shelter as there were a lot of people around them.

Christina Rodriguez said, “They were scared and really hungry. Many of them were underweight.”



After getting proper care, they were separated to make them feel comfortable. After that shelter posted about them on Facebook and within a few days all 35 of these guinea pigs were adopted into their forever homes.



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