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Neglected senior dog seized by Georgia police and had his tumor removed

When the police brought a senior dog called Holden to a rescue animal shelter located in Georgia, he was already defeated and he had a solid reason for this.


However, fortunately, life was kind to him and in a few days, this dog was once more standing on his own legs. He was full of life and love to give to others.


Holden’s story started when he came to the rescue shelter in the state of starvation and was clearly neglected. The dog was shaking all over but whenever his rescuers placed a bowl of food with either water or cat food, he would cough it all down his throat. Holden at the time weighed only about 25 pounds which was 15 pounds underweight for a dog of his size.


The poor pup was seized by the Georgia Police from a drug raid at a house. When Holden came to shelter, it was already at full capacity. To help him, the shelter staff turned to social media to help the poor dog.


As if all of this was not enough, Holden had something in his belly that was soon discovered and if it had not been discovered, it could have surely killed him.



At the vet it was revealed in an X-ray that Holden had a 7-pound weighing torpor lodged inside his body that made it difficult for him to eat.

Surprisingly going through all of this, Holden always responded with wagging tails towards the voice of kindness.

Below is the video of the time when Holden woke up after having his tumor removed via surgery. He clearly seems disoriented but the voice of kindness still comely him to wag his tail.

In the next coming days, Holden was transported to a foster home by a shelter amend Releash Atlanta.


He was picked up by a volunteer, a woman named Ashley who took kisses from Holden and also had selfies with him.


After having his tumor removed, Holden was brought to another foster mom named Melissa Lentz who with her family looked after the poor pup.

At Melissa’s home, Holden has shown massive progress as he has also started to mingle with other foster dogs at the house.


Below is one of the videos where after weeks of love and care, Holden has finally started to open up and learn new things like shaking hands.

More good news came after the vet’s test show that the tumor was a benign one and there is probably no need to worry about it anymore.


Holden will now go to a dentist and then will get neutered. He is now not a defeated dog he once looked before his rescue. All of the changes in Holden are just because of one step of kindness.

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