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A dog mom takes care of the tiny kittens like her own

A tiny kitten named Nala was just a newborn kitten when she was dumped in the dirty streets of Spokane, Washington.  A kind-hearted person passing by the street heard the tiny crews of the help of this kitten and decided to rescue her. He transported her to the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service located in Spokane, Washington.

This little kitten who never knew the love of a mother was soon going to be showered by love of two unexpected mothers.



Nala was placed by the shelter at a foster home for early care. She was taken in by a woman named Jamie Meyers who read about Nala on a Facebook post by the shelter. She already had been fostering little kittens of her foster cat and she was aware that Nala would be a right fit for her family.



By the time the pother cat and her babies were ready for their adoptions, Nala was still was not able to find herself a forever home. Myers said, “When the kitten opened their eyes, Nala had her eyes closed and when they were able to toddle around, Nala was still attached to her foster cat mom and feeding off of her.”

Nala was left alone once more but it was not for very long. Myers after the cat and her kittens took in a dog named Izzy who recently had given birth to puppies. Izzy was busy taking care of her own pups but was still willing to help out the lone kitten.



As time went by, Izzy was more and more convinced that Nala was to stay with her.



In order to help the Izzy settle down with Nala, Myers placed Nala in pen of Izzy and also supervised their interaction. A change happened as soon as Nala joined Izzy and Myers knew that she had done the right thing. Nala was happy to have a lot of warm bodies to snuggle with as well as her mama’s fur to keep her warm and safe.



Myers said, “Nala quickly got adapted to the new life with dogs. She was able to get out of the pen on her won. After she was done snuggling with her family she would get out and eat her kitten food and play for a little while before going back in the pen.”



After it was time for Nala to be adopted, it was hard for Izzy to let go of her and Myers knew exactly what to do.

She decided to foster two little kitten sisters and placed them in care of Izzy. As for Izzy, she could not be any much happier as she now had tow kitten daughters to take care of.



Izzy has proven that there is no boundary when it comes to a mother’s love be it an animal or a human being.

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