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Scared Shelter Dog That Wouldn’t Leave Her Corner Is Finally Learning That She is Safe

Most of the dogs held at the Fulton County Shelter snuck their heads out of their Kennels looking for some attention but Iris is different from them.

She tries to make herself invisible by shoving herself into one corner as people come by to look.


Iris along with her pregnant sister was rescued off the street of Georgia and the life for her at the shelter was tough. One volunteer named Laurel-Ann Dooley realized that if nothing was done, it would be too late to save her.


Dooley wrote on her Facebook account, “to say that this pup is scared is js6t an understatement. She has completely shut herself down and just lies on the floor all the time or pushes her nose into one corner. Although she lets me pet her, most of the time, she keeps herself in the corner. No treat can tempt her from not doing that.”


Dooley’s post caught the attention of the Barkville Dog Rescue who tried to found a foster home for iris but it proved quite difficult.

Finally, when the post was seen by a former vet tech named Lin Rocke, she knew that she could make a difference in poor pup’s life.

She told media, “I asked my husband to please let me do this. I know as to how to nurse a scared dog back to health. My husband being sweet and supportive of my feelings agreed to it. Now his own office is filled with dog stuff.”


After arriving at Rocke’s house, Iris again hid herself in a corner. Soon after a few days, Iris started to warm up to her new living arrangements.

 Rocke said, “Iris moved from one corner to another corner of the room. Now I can sit next to her and also do my work. I am letting her get used to me existing around her.”

Iris now also has a buddy named Letty, a golden retriever, to help her with her transition. It was al because of Letty that Iris moved from the crate to the bed.


Still, Iris is a bit scared but she is now also grateful for the bowl of food which is offered to her. Little by little she is beginning to learn the joys of being a dog that has a loving home.

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