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Video of a Woman Suspected of Dumping Puppies in Coachella

10 minutes long drive from the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, 7 puppies were found to be struggling with their lives.

The 3-day old terrier mix puppies who should have been in the care of their mom suffered unspeakable cruelty from a human being.

On Wednesday, they were tied up in a plastic bag and were tossed into a dumpster by the side of an auto spare parts shop.

A press release from the ‘riverside County Animal Service’ stated, “A woman in a jeep exited near the dumpster while carrying a plastic bag. She walked to the recycling dumpster but then threw the plastic bag in the trash dumpster next to it.”

The chances for the pups to survive were slim but one act of kindness form another human being made all the difference for them.

A man named John saw the bag as he was rummaging through the dumpster and took them inside the store. The puppies were then collected by an animal services officer and they were rushed back to the shelter where the vet’s team was on standby.

Chris Mayer, of the shelter, said to media, “there is no excuse for the woman to dump these puppies. Especially in today’s times where there are shelters all around, who are willing to take care of these poor animals. This is a shameful act.”

These newborn pups now require round the clock checkups and feeding which was a hard task for a shelter with limited resources. To help them another non-profit organization has offered their help.

The dogs since then have been placed into foster care and are finally getting back their health.

As for the woman, she has been spotted and arrested for dumping these puppies. The Riverside County Animal Services have also found 38 other dogs locked up at her residence and now they are all in proper care.

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