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Scottish Dog Insists On Soccer Match With Postman Before His Delivery

Well, here we are back again with our same argument that animals like to play sports and especially dogs. This time we bring to you a video proof from the far away land of Scotland.

A playful dog in Scotland is seemed to be a great footballer in disguise. As it happens to be the dog is also quite eager to show his skills to one particular person. Well, in fact, the dog seems to be insistent on showcasing his talent.


The daughter of a particular postman, Amy Barbour posted a tweet along with a video stating that the dog in her video has some mad soccer skills.

Barbour wrote on her tweet, “So this is the dog that won’t let my dad deliver his mail unless he plays soccer with him. He finally managed to take the video of this dog and a canny to believe my eyes, the dugs incredible!.”

Watch the video captured by postman down below.

The dog is even a multitasker with balls as he can be seen having another small ball in his mouth while he kicks the soccer ball back and forth towards postman, as for the postman who is shooting this video, he could not stop laughing during one of the adorable plays in the world.

Postman can be heard saying in the video, “That is brilliant. This is incredible.”


This adorable dog seems to be a natural at playing soccer.

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