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Sneaky Yet Adorable Dachshund Plays The Most Amazing Hide & Seek Game With Mom

Meet Frieda, who is a loveable and playful sneaky Dachshund.

sneaky Dachshund

Do not be fooled by those adorable little eyes, this Dachshund is actually a really sneaky one.

Cute Dog

Frieda spends most of her time with her mom Rachel Silverstein and they are relay inseparable. Both of them hike together, swim together and even go to the restaurant together.

cute Puppy with his mom

However, one day Silverstein was not able to find Frieda anywhere in the house.

Silverstein said, “I spent a lot of time looking for her while yelling her name around the house.” She started getting really worried about the pup thinking she might have gotten out of the house somehow.

Puppy play Hide and seek

However, it was then that Silverstein noticed that the toy basket of Frieda actually had one more toy than it already had.

That extra toy was actually Frieda herself.

puppy looks like a toy

Silverstein said, “Instead of getting out of the house, she was actually hiding in her toy basket. She was actually making me look for her.”

Instantly seeing this sneaky yet adorable scene, Silverstein quickly grabbed her camera and recorded the whole scene. Below is the video of the moment Frieda was hiding in the basket. You can simply not look for her unless you are really paying close attention.

This is not the first time that Frieda has made Silverstein look for her around the house but clearly, this was the sneakiest of them all.

Silverstein said, “She often hides and makes me look for her. She usually hides under the bed, in the laundry basket or in the teepee.”

adopt puppy

However this latest hide and seek spot has really levelled up Frieda’s game and Silverstein expected nothing less from her adorable and a smart pup.

Silverstein said, “Before I adopted Frieda, she used to be a therapy pup for the kids living in the foster care system. She is really a special dog.”

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