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Arthritis Dog Gets A Special Cart Made By Loveable Dad and Now He Does Not Feels Left Behind

Meet Kaylee, who is a sweet little pup who loves nothing more than to be able to be around her family as she follows them faithfully while wagging her tail.

But Kaylee is now 13 years old and doing this simple thing is now proven to be a lot harder for her.

Family Dog

Sara Morris, the owner of Kaylee said, “She suffers from arthritis in her back legs and is now unable to walk. Her condition has started to worsen with time. She can still walk a little but not for much.”

Seeing the state the poor Kaylee was in, her family was heartbroken. The poor pup tries her best to be at her family’s side but can clearly be seen struggling with this simple task she loves dearly.

Finally, Morris’s dad decided to do something about the whole situation so that she may never feel left behind.


Morris said, “On his day off, my father spent the entire day in the garage trying to make something for Kaylee so she can follow us around easily. Kaylee loves to be around us especially my dad. My dad actually went on to build her a cart with wheels so Kaylee can pull herself to be around us.”

This was exactly what Kaylee needed.

Dog with his Dad

Now with the family moving from room to room, Kaylee is now also able to keep up with them. Below is the video of the time when Morris’s father and Kaylee tired out the new driving cart.

She said, “My mom sent me the video of them pulling Kaylee around on a cart for the very first time. When I saw the video I was really glad because I knew as to how much Kaylee loved to be around us.”

Kaylee around on a cart

Kaylee is a pup who is loved by his family dearly and they also make sure that the pup knows it well too.


Morris said, “She is a necessary mere of our family and we are glad to bend backward over for her. My dad especially.”

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