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Dog Sees A Man ‘Drowning’ In The Pond And Jumps To Save Him

Meet Princesa who is a sweet little girl.


A video of Princesa went viral a few years back in Brazil which is now once again making its rounds on the internet and the reason it is doing so is clearly an obvious one.

The video of Princesa shows her sitting and relaxing beside a pond I which her friends are swimming. Then in order to test the reaction of the dog, the man tries to simulate the drowning scenario. He assumes his face in the downward position into the water. As for this whole test, Princesa actually passed t with flying colors.

Without even a moment of hesitation, the dog proved herself to be a hero that man would have had needed. She leaped into the water almost instantly upon seeing the man face down in the water and floating.  She pulled him safely on to the shore.

Below is the video of the said test by the man and the brave Princesa leaping into action to save him.

The loyalty and dedication which Princesa showed in this crucial testing moment were also not missed by her owners who simply adore her.


The clip was posted by a woman named Jenifer Correa, who captioned the video with words, “This is the gift we receive from those who are by our side and never leave us. Yes, that is care and love!”


Some animal new media groups tried to reach out to Correa in hopes for more comments on her heroic dog Princesa but she was not available for comments. Above sit hew snapshot of Princesa which is able to speak for the character of the dog herself.

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