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Nicola Coyle; A Woman Who Makes the Remaining Days of the Terminally Ill and Abandoned Dogs Special With Steak Dinners and Ice Creams

A kind-hearted person is making sure that the last days of the abandoned dogs that are also terminally ill are special and they can also live these last few days to their fullest.

The name of this woman is Nicola Coyle, who has not been pictured in the photo above, is a retired nurse. She created The Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice in order to help the abandoned terminally ill old dogs form her own home located in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

This also includes here treating these dogs with steak dinners and ice creams.

Nicola often takes these dogs to the nearby drive-thru of McDonald’s and even to a local pub for having steak dinner.

Nicola takes care of two dogs at a time.

In an interview with the media, the former nurse by profession said, “We only take in the dogs to which doctors have said that they only 6 months or less to live. What we do here is to focus on the end of life care. If I recall back, the longest I have helped a dog live is about 1 year and the shortest time was about 2 weeks.”

Despite not knowing when the birthday of her dogs is, she still celebrates a birthday for every dog in her care.

Nicola says, “I am not sure as to when their birthdays are but I do make sure to give them each a birthday party they deserve. If any of them is in good condition, we treat them by taking them to a seaside. There, we treat them with chips and fish along with some ice cream.”

Nicola usually spends a sum of nearly 500 pounds on the care of each dog she takes in.

She mostly uses her own money along with the money people donate for her beautiful cause.

Sadly there are also times when she has to say goodbye to these dogs and it is never too easy.

She said, “We all do get really attached to them which is very emotional. After they pass on, we do mourn and grieve for them.”

Roger A. Caras said, “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole”

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